Every hiking fans they should remember to adequately protect yourself against the scorching sun. Good hiking hat, should also protect us from the rain, hiking hat is also ideal for fishing, or on the beach. A more official hat is definitely a trilby hat, rather a small hat with a folded brim, hat, which gives more on summer days, in contrast to the fedora, which also protects the head from rain or cold. Without a doubt many people trilby hat can be associated with artists, jazz musicians. These are often woolen hats made by hand, finished leather strap, or material. In different varieties they are characteristic for Austria and Germany, as traditional hats. A similar fashion is also worn by hunters who adorn the belt, different attributes hunting. It’s good to have in your closet, diverse types of headgear, such as flat caps, for example warm comfortable caps, which are now very popular, worn by Shelby brothers in Peaky Blinders tv series. Others may choose a classic berets, they are now being popularized among women, however, in the past they were eagerly worn by men. Surely berets enjoyed great popularity in France, in 50’s and 60’s. Of course beret, it is also an essential element of a soldier’s uniform.